Pacman Community: A Multiplayer Arcade Game

Pacman is a very popular arcade game from decades ago. Namco launched different types of Pacman games. Some of them are single player, some are multiplayer. Today we are going to talk about a multiplayer game called Pacman Community.

Pac-Man Community is a multiplayer game, focused on the classic arcade game that was launched on Facebook Gaming in November 2022. It was developed through a partnership between Namco Bandai and Facebook’s parent company Meta.

Pac-Man Community allows up to 4 players to play Pac-Man together in real time with their friends on Facebook. One unique aspect is that it has a persistent Pac-Man world that continues even when you aren’t playing. Players can also create their own levels using the maze editor tools.

There is even a “Watch mode” that converts the 2D mazes into a 3D view, where viewers can power up Pac-Man or the ghosts. Pac-Man Community is available for free on desktop and mobile Facebook.

The game, developed by Genvid, signals how Meta wants to expand Facebook’s gaming offerings and enable streamers to play games directly with their audiences.

Pac-Man Community seems similar to Pac-Man Live Studio, a multiplayer Pac-Man game with a level editor for Twitch that was announced but not yet released.

Pac-Man Community Off Air Date

However, in February 2023, Pacman Community Officials announced that Pac-Man Community game would be going off air on February 4th and thanked the players for their contributions, encouragement to make final memories, and for creating over 28,800 mazes in the game’s run.

Pacman Community Petition

Pacman has many loyal fans who were disappointed when Pacman Community was discontinued. These fans are hoping the game can be brought back so they can enjoy their favorite game again.

A Pacman fan named Ella created a petition on requesting that Namco Bandai and Genvid relaunch Pacman Community. If you are a Pacman fan, you can contribute to this petition by adding your vote. The petition link is

Ella and other fans are hoping to get enough signatures to show the demand and encourage the companies to reconsider bringing back Pacman Community. While the chances are uncertain, fans are trying to rally support to revive the multiplayer Pacman game that was praised for its social and creative features during its run.

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