List of Pacman Video Games

Pac-Man, the iconic yellow sphere with an insatiable appetite for pellets, has been a beloved figure in the gaming world since its inception. Over the years, numerous Pac-Man games have been released, each offering a unique gaming experience.

In this guide, we’ll explore the history of Pac-Man games, from the classic arcade versions to modern mobile adaptations.

Arcade and Console Classics Pac-man Games

Pac-Man has had a storied history in the gaming world, and this list chronicles its journey through various gaming platforms. Below is a table containing details of some of the most iconic Pac-Man games, including their release dates and platforms.

Game TitleRelease DatePlatform
Puckman / Pac-Man1980Arcade
Pac-Man1982Atari 2600
Pac-Man Plus1982Arcade
Tomy LSI Game Pac-Man1982Handheld LCD Game
Ms. Pac-Man1982Arcade
Super Ms. Pac-Man198?Arcade
Pac-Man (GSN)2016Mobile
Pac-Man Mini2017HTML – play online
Pac-Man Championship Edition2007Xbox 360
Pac-Man 2562015Multi-platform

These are just a few examples of the arcade and console classics that Pac-Man enthusiasts have enjoyed over the years. The franchise has continued to evolve, adapting to new gaming technologies and platforms.

Redemption Pac-man Games

Pac-Man’s influence extends beyond traditional video games. It has also made its mark in mechanical and redemption games. Here are some notable titles from this category:

Game TitleRelease DatePlatform
Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man1982Arcade
Baby Pac-Man1982Arcade
Pac-Man VR1996Arcade
Pac-Man’s Arcade Corner2005Arcade

These games offer a unique blend of physical and video game elements, making them a favorite at arcades and entertainment centers.

Pacman Mobile Games list

In the age of smartphones, Pac-Man has successfully transitioned to the mobile gaming arena. Here are some Pac-Man mobile games that have captured the hearts of players:

Game TitleRelease DatePlatform
Pac-Man Dash!2013Mobile
Pac-Man Friends2014Mobile
Pac-Man Bounce2015Mobile
Pac-Man 2562015Multi-platform
Pac-Man Geo2020Mobile
Pac-Man AR Sustainable Quiz2023Styly

These mobile adaptations allow players to enjoy the Pac-Man experience on the go, with various gameplay styles and challenges.

Flash/HTML Online Games

Pac-Man has not been limited to traditional gaming platforms. Several free-to-play Pac-Man games are available online. Here are a few examples:

Game TitleRelease DatePlatform
Pac-Man Google Doodle2010Play online
World’s Biggest Pac-Man2011Play online
Pac-Man Party Scramble2011
Pac-Man Social (Facebook)2012
Pac-Man Ghost & Stage Maker2017
Pac-Man Live Studio (canceled [?])2020

These online games offer a casual and accessible way for fans to enjoy the classic Pac-Man gameplay.

Electronic Handheld Games

Pac-Man has also ventured into the realm of electronic handheld games. These self-contained devices offer a portable Pac-Man experience:

Game TitleRelease DatePlatform
Eat & Run (Pac-Man)1981Handheld
Tomy Watchman: Pac-Man1982Handheld
Pac-Man Tamagotchi2020Handheld

These handheld games are a testament to Pac-Man’s enduring popularity and adaptability.

Final Words

Pac-Man’s legacy in the world of gaming is undeniable. From its humble beginnings in the arcade to its presence on modern gaming platforms and mobile devices, Pac-Man has continued to captivate players of all ages.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pac-Man pro or a newcomer to the world of gaming, there’s always a Pac-Man adventure waiting for you to embark upon. So, grab your joystick or tap your touchscreen, and let the iconic yellow circle take you on a journey through the maze of gaming history.

The Pac-Man franchise continues to evolve and expand, ensuring that there’s always a new pellet to chomp and a ghost to outsmart in the world of Pac-Man. Happy gaming!

Keep in mind that this list represents only a portion of the Pac-Man games available. It’s possible that there are errors, or we may have inadvertently omitted some games from the list. If you come across any inaccuracies or missing information, please notify us via email.